About Us

Best Bottle is a wine-centric lifestyle brand.

We are a global wine community, with an entire platform to make wine more fun and familiar for consumers. On a deeper level, we are also storytellers. We believe that behind every bottle of wine lives a story and Best Bottle brings you the stories that deserve a place at your table and ours.

Join our wine club, visit wine country with us, and keep track as we develop of our winemaking competition series Best Bottle Season One: CA vs OR – Pinot Noir!

Management Team

We know wine, travel and we know media. We know the entire process from soil analysis to customer satisfaction, and from concept development to broadcast.

Our CEO of Best Bottle , Scott Krauger has over 25 years of experience in the wine industry including the honor of having spearheaded the team that built Archery Summit Winery in the early 1990s. After completion of the winery , Scott managed the vineyards. As he advanced to general manager in the vineyard industry. Scott continued to advise and consult in the wine industry and in start-ups to build brands and streamline operations.

Best Bottle Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Robert Richards began his career as a cameraman. Then, after a career outside of wine, travel, and media Robert returned, shifting to content creation and business development within the industry.

Marc Kauffman is a noted Certified Sommelier with over 35 years of experience in the wine industry. He was general manager of Stone Creek Wines for a number of years , has worked and consulted for Tetra Pak and many other companies worldwide.

Annie Tonsiengsom, owner of Actual Industries and our television production leader, has 11 years of experience producing television for the Food Network. She helped bring Iron Chef to the U.S., produced Emeril Live!, Bobby Flay Food Nation, Food 911, and many other programs. Actual Industries currently produces Nike’s corporate video content.