About Us

Best Bottle is a wine-centric lifestyle brand. We are a global wine community, an entire platform to make wine more fun and familiar for consumers. At a deeper level, we are also storytellers. We believe that behind every bottle of wine lives a story and Best Bottle brings you the stories that deserve a place at your table and ours.

Join our wine club, visit wine country with us, and keep track as we develop of our winemaking competition series Best Bottle Season One: CA vs OR – Pinot Noir!

Management Team

We know wine, we know travel and we know media. We know the entire process from soil analysis to customer satisfaction, and from concept development to broadcast. Our CEO, Scott Krauger, has over 25 years’ experience in the wine industry including the honor of having spearheaded the team that built Archery Summit Winery in the early 1990s. After the winery was built he managed the vineyards then became general manager. Scott continued to advise and consult in the wine industry and in start-ups to build brands and streamline operations. Robert Richards, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, began his career as a cameraman and later shifted to content and business development. Our advisor, Marc Kauffman, is a certified sommelier with over 35 years in the wine industry having worked and consulted for TRICOR Braun, Tetra Pak, and many other companies worldwide. Annie Tonsiengsom, owner of Actual Industries and our television production leader, has 11 years’ experience producing television for the Food Network. She helped bring Iron Chef to the U.S., produced Emeril Live!, Bobby Flay Food Nation, Food 911, and many other programs. Actual Industries currently produces Nike’s corporate video content.

Scott Krauger – CEO, Executive Producer, & Co-Founder

Early in his career Scott was hired to spearhead the building of one of the world’s top Pinot Noir wineries in the World. After nearly 25 years spent at the highest level within the wine industry, Scott brings his vision to create Best Bottle. Prior to BEST BOTTLE, he managed & consulted for top wineries, served as the ED for the SCE, & led a team in building 3 startups in New York City. Scott received his B.S. in Business from Linfield College.

Robert Richards – CFO, Executive Producer, & Co-Founder

Robert has over 15 years of experience in business and content creation. From his operating camera for two, half-hour local culture and arts programs to developing documentaries, a stage play, and the reality television series, Best Bottle. In, 2009 Robert formed Gemini Digital Films with Scott Krauger, a longtime associate. Since staring Gemini, Robert is co-creator and Executive Producer for the reality winemaking competition program Best Bottle. Robert studied Political Science at Linfield College, and received his B.A. in History from Western Oregon University. He is active in his community and is currently President of the Heritage Museum Society.


Annie Tonsiengsom – Director of Content and Lead Producer

Annie’s television production experience developed as she worked closely with the inner circle of executives responsible for building The Food Network. Annie has worked on many cooking shows such as Emeril Live!, Molto Mario, Food 911, Bobby Flay’s Food Nation and many more. Currently, she is the founding owner of Actual Industries in Portland, Oregon. The company focuses on video production to support global brands and industries such as food, apparel, tech, craft, and education.


Marc R. Kauffman – Wine Operations & Sales, CSW, Certified Sommelier

Marc Kauffman became interested in wine during his college days when he attended the University of Bordeaux on a study abroad program. Upon his return to the USA he began a wine industry career that has included management positions with several national wine import and distribution companies and National Sales Manager for a Napa Valley family estate winery. Marc was General Manager of Stone Creek Wines which also became the largest private label wine producer in California.

After additional enology studies at U.C. Davis, Marc was recruited by Tetra Pak for their closures company, Novembal. Marc was responsible for sales and marketing of synthetic corks in North and South America and Australia. During his 10 years with Novembal he also developed the first plastic screw cap 30×60 closure for wine bottles. Marc then worked with EnVino Bottles where he helped launch the first PET (plastic) bottles for table wines in North America. In June 2012 Marc was hired by Scholle Packaging, the largest supplier of bag in box packaging to the wine industry. Marc holds certifications from the Guild of Master Sommeliers and the Society of Wine Educators. He has served as an international wine judge in Lyon France and at The International Wine and Spirits Competition in addition to being certified to judge wine at The California State Fair. Also, a veteran of wine related television Marc was one of the stars in a wine TV series made for PBS.


Michael Doury – Head of International TV Distribution

Michael Doury has demonstrated throughout his career to consistently maximize sales and profitability with the companies and projects he works on. Early in his career he was responsible to sell high profile 20th Century Fox TV productions such as “MASH” and theatrical titles such as “Star Wars” into

international markets all over the world. In 1984 Hearst Entertainment brought Michael on board as Vice President of International Sales. For 19 years Michael led all the pre- and post-sales in all media of TV Movies and Mini Series produced and acquired by the Hearst Entertainment division.

In 2004 Michael was head of Library Sales for Sparrowhawk Media and was part of the original equity team which bought Hallmark channels from RHI International. During his tenure, he sold Hallmark catalogues of TV Movies and Mini Series worldwide across all media. Through Michael’s leadership in creating, planning and implementing sales strategies on a global level he exceeded the challenging quarterly targets set by the investors. Through his continued success and achieving high sales targets, Sparrowhawk Media was acquired by NBC Universal in 2008. For the past decade Michael has operated his own sales consultancy firm Film Act Ltd based in London. Michael brings his decades of experience and connections to pre-sell and allocate gap finance to a variety of high profile productions. Michael Doury is considered one of the very best in the world in TV sales consultancy.


Alan Brown – Director of Publishing

Alan R. Brown began his career in the entertainment industry more than thirty years ago. After attending Seattle University, he started as a production assistant for T.V.C. Studios. Three years later, he accepted a job with Osprey Productions. Before leaving Osprey, Alan attained the position of Senior V.P. of Productions. Since that time, Alan has worked as a story editor for Joseph E. Levine Presents, and as President of Production. He supervised the overall production of feature films, debt structuring, and the worldwide rights sales of such films as And Now My Love and A Bridge Too Far.

In 1990, Alan was the executive producer of the Year of the Comet for Castlerock Entertainment/Columbia Pictures. From 1993 to 1995, he served on the Board of Directors of National Video Industries. In 1995, he was contracted to produce Pat Conroy’s Beach Music for Paramount Pictures. Between 2001 and 2003, Alan was under contract to a European film fund. He had the responsibility of identifying, structuring the financing, and negotiating long term distribution contracts with the studios. In 2007, under his own company banner, Mr. Brown arranged the funding for a foreign film fund, and coordinated the bridge and outside independent financing for their clients. Currently, Mr. Brown acts as a story editor for both novels and screenplays and continues to arrange financing for entertainment projects. Most notably, the raising of ten million dollars for the United Nations Film Festival.