Ask, Explore, Discover

By Tamra Bolton

People drink wine for many reasons.  My journey into the world of wine began with my doctor’s suggestion to “try a glass of red wine daily”.  This was over ten years ago and I have learned so much since that first tentative purchase.  In the beginning, I was intimidated by too many choices and tended to make “safe” buys, not doing much exploring.  After I became a little more confident, I expanded into trying different regions and varieties.  Great wine has become much more accessible to the average consumer, but, often people still make safe choices.

Wine should be an enjoyable experience…from the selection to the consumption.  Every bottle has a different story…a romantic tale, an exciting adventure, a family tradition or legend.  Part of the wine experience is discovering these stories and meeting the people who are responsible for them.  Whatever your reason for drinking wine…medicinal, social, personal enjoyment, etc., you can increase your appreciation and delight in the experience by being bold in your selections and getting involved in the process.  Talking to other wine enthusiasts who share your interests is one of the best ways to learn.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions…no one knows everything, even if they claim they do!  Be adventurous this week and try a new wine…you might be surprised.