What Wines Deserve A Place On Your Thanksgiving Table?

Are you wondering what wines deserve a place on your Thanksgiving table? I have some advice – the best wine is the wine you like so there is no “right” or a “wrong” wine to enjoy with your stuffing. That being said, certain varietals might be more likely to give you that “Wow! That tastes […]

Seasonal Squash and Pomegranate with Goat Cheese & Balsamic Reduction

Seasonal Squash and Pomegranate with Goat Cheese & Balsamic Reduction Good recipes are a lot like good wine and good people, they have a special way of bringing out a celebration’s essential sense of family, friendship, and community. So, with the holiday season on the horizon, we’ve been on a search for new and exciting […]

Wine Meets Archaeology At Pompeii

By Robert Richards 09/21/2019 Many people who are passionate about wine have a special curiosity and want to learn more about it. Often, they approach wine as a Jack-Of-All-Trades and dabble in a bit of everything to get as wide a footprint of knowledge as possible. But once they’ve dabbled and established their base knowledge […]

Pro Tip: Pair Your Garden To Your Wine

By Robert Richards 09/21/2019 Each year I grow a vegetable garden. In the past I generally planted a few staples like carrots, tomatoes, and beans but the last couple years I’ve expanded my garden’s size. That opened the door to planting a variety of things I hadn’t grown before but also brought on the question, […]

How do I Know if They Made Good Wine the Year I was Born?

It’s really fun to find a wine made the year of your birth. Consider all the events that happened that year and do some research about harvest conditions in various parts of the world and you may be surprised to find your birth year may have been a “stellar vintage”…or not. Some of us were […]

7 Heart Health Benefits of Wine

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