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Bud Break in the Vineyard

Bud break is underway in the vineyards of California, Oregon and Washington.  In the vineyard bud break signals the beginning of another vintage.  A time where vineyard workers return to the long days of toiling and tending the vines, that will eventually translate into the bottle of wine to be enjoyed and savored.  Bud break begins in California’s vineyards in March.  In Oregon vineyards this process begins in March and is complete by early April.  Washington vineyards see bud break beginning around mid-April.  Bud break depends on many different factors like, amounts of rainfall during the winter, age of the vine, the micro-climate of each vineyard, the elevation of the vineyard, the variety of grape planted and many other factors.

West Coast vintners have their vineyards perfectly pruned and tied, ready for the warmth of Spring to bring forth new growth and signal the beginning of a new vintage.  The tiny dormant buds along the fruiting cane begin to swell from the exchange of the vines last bit of stored carbohydrates. Now ready to push the new leaves from swollen bud and break free with these new leaves to start photosynthesis. Vineyards can see this change happen quickly.  Vines can see growth of 2 – 3 inches in a day depending on how warm it gets.

Some of the most beautiful times in the vineyard can be found in an early Spring morning as the sun cascades light that glimmers off the morning dew that covers the new leaves that have sprung.We raise our glass and say cheers to the vintners!

Written By: Scott Krauger

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