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    Life is Short, Have More Best Bottle Moments.  At our core the team here at Best Bottle take great pride in curating wines that set the stage for a Best Bottle Moment.

    So what is a Best Bottle Moment? It’s typically a moment where you are with friends and family celebrating life together over a great meal and a Best Bottle. It creates a special moment where time stops and you have an experience you’ll never forget.                    

    A couple weeks ago I had my eldest daughter and her boyfriend Diego over for dinner. I made steak using the cast-iron high temperature oven method. Which if you haven’t tried preparing your steaks this way, you definitely should try it. It makes steak similar to what you would get at a fine steakhouse.

    When I served the meal, I asked Diego if he would like to have some wine with his meal. He politely said he really doesn’t like wine. I encouraged him to have just a little taste. When he took a sip of the wine the reaction on his face was one I’ve seen many times before. He was having a Best Bottle moment. I asked him what he thought. He replied, “It’s like the wine met the flavors of the steak in my mouth and they collided into an explosion of new flavors that I never knew existed. I never thought wine could taste that amazing.” It is a moment that neither Diego or I will never forget.

    It’s fun to share an amazing bottle of wine. And it’s even better to blow people away by sharing a wine experience they never knew existed and will remember for a lifetime.

    The thing that excites me the most is knowing anyone can create Best Bottle moments. Those moments where time stands still. Created by the simple process of sharing a great meal and a bottle wine with good people.


    Scott Krauger CEO Best Bottle

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