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Dreams of Africa

By Tamra Bolton

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of visiting Africa.  Watching Marlin Perkins on Wild Kingdom every week only fueled my desire to see herds of elephants, wildebeests and zebras thundering across the African plains.  Now that I’m older…I still love to dream about watching brilliant sunsets through the flap of a canvas tent and going to sleep listening to the distinctive night sounds of an African night.

Recently, I discovered the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve near Cape Town, South Africa…it fit the bill for my safari adventure. The Reserve is perfect for experiencing the thrill of the Big Five of Africa – lions, elephants, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo and leopards.  It also has plenty of other wildlife to enjoy and offers some of the best lighting a photographer could hope for. My experience in volunteering with archaeology also makes me excited to see the Khoisan tribes’ ancient rock drawings in the isolated and stark Karoo ravine.   I was delighted to find out that I didn’t have to suffer discomfort just because of the isolated area; the beautiful Dwyka Tented Lodges provide all the amenities you could hope for in the middle of the African landscape.  The camp itself is a treat for the eyes…the tents are arranged in a horseshoe and when lighted at night, they resemble an ancient camp of the Khosian that once roamed the area.  The atmosphere is enhanced by the dramatic rock formations that envelop the camp. When I imagine this trip, I can see myself…just like I did years ago…leaning out of the canvas flap, taking in the velvety night sky dotted with brilliant diamonds of light and smiling as I hear the roar of a real African lion.  This is a trip of a lifetime…maybe you would like to come along?

 Dwyka Tented Lodges DWYKA TENTED LODGES
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