Enjoy Every Moment!

by Tamra Bolton



As we enjoy the Christmas holiday and the last lingering days of 2015, I hope you remember to savor the small things…the joy of a child seeing Christmas lights, the laughter of an old friend as you share memories together, enjoying a meal of traditional family dishes, listening to carols, spending time dreaming of next year and what you want to do…whatever it is that makes this time of the year special for you.

Don’t let this time pass by without enjoying every moment.  It’s sure to be imperfect, somewhat messy, even disappointing in some way, but isn’t that the way life is the rest of the year?  Our reality doesn’t always measure up to our imagined holiday scenario, sometimes, it’s even better.  If we can open ourselves up and let it unfold, instead of trying to orchestrate everything, we might be surprised at how much fun we have.

Who knows?  Out of the chaos of plans gone awry, new traditions may find their way into our lives and at the very least; you will have some good stories to tell around the table next year.

Some of my family’s favorite Christmas memories and traditions were birthed in disaster!  Use your imagination, accept what is and never let past holidays dictate your future celebrations.

Make a good end to 2017…and make it an even better New Year!