Make Wine the Theme of Your Girlfriend Weekend

By Tamra Bolton

Last weekend, I attended one of the zaniest events I’ve ever been to…the Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend.  You’re probably wondering…what in the world is a Pulpwood Queen?  These gals are members of the largest book club in the world, with over 600 chapters and I am proud to call myself a PQ.  The founder, Kathy Murphy is an amazing woman who is passionate about reading, books and literacy.  Every year, for the last sixteen years, hundreds of her members have traveled from everywhere to spend three exciting days sharing their love of books.  It is a busy time with New York Times bestselling authors giving talks, signing books, a silent auction for charity and it all culminates on Saturday night with the Great Big Hair Ball. This year’s weekend was held in Nacogdoches, Texas, which in 2016 will celebrate their tricentennial…yes, that’s 300 years! They rolled out the pink carpet and had plenty of tiaras for our Pulpwood Queen extravaganza.  The theme of this year’s Hair Ball was Storybooks/Fairy Tales, so everyone came dressed as their favorite character.  We had Cinderella, fairies, Maleficent, Prince Charming (yes, there are male members called Timber Guys), wood nymphs, and even King Arthur made an appearance.  I chose to go as the White Witch, Queen of Narnia, from C.S. Lewis’ classic tale The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  My husband, a talented metal artist made my crown and my wand and a dear friend made my dress; I found the cape and borrowed a silver tray from my sister to carry my delicious ‘Turkish delight’ around to tempt everyone at the ball.


Every year, a Queen is chosen to reign over the PQ Ball until the next year and this year, I won! I had so much fun that weekend, I decided on the way home, I wanted to have my own ‘girlfriend weekend or sister weekend’.  What a great time of year to plan a getaway with your best buds.  You could have a theme to make it more fun…stay in your pjs all weekend or have a 60’s retro theme or how about the punk rock ‘80’s?  Even your wine could be part of the theme, see who can bring the most fitting named wines or craziest named wines, have a contest, have a tasting and give prizes, whatever you can dream up.

If you’re one of those women who actually like football, like me, but your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, why not have a team theme and instead of watching the game, watch the greatest football moments on Netflix and everyone cheer for their team when they appear?   The possibilities for having fun with this idea are endless…only limited by you and your friends imaginations.  Whatever you decide to do let me know how it goes.

 That’s an order.  Remember, I can do that…I’m Queen!