Nacogdoches Wine Swirl

By Tamra Bolton

I love stories…especially community stories.  I live in an area where history, legend and amazing food and wine all intersect.  Recently, I got the chance to experience all of these things in one incredible evening…

Have you ever been to a wine swirl?  I’ve been to numerous wine tastings, food and wine pairings, but this last Saturday was my first time to participate in an official Wine Swirl event.  It was hosted by Nacogdoches, the oldest town in Texas. Located on the oldest road in Texas, the El Camino Real or King’s Highway, this small historic town is brimming with art, music and gastronomic pleasures.

My assistant and I were greeted by Jannette Sparks, the local CVB representative and given a briefing before hitting the bricks…streets that is.

Surrounded by hundreds of foodies and wine enthusiasts, we spent the evening roaming the downtown, savoring everything from stuffed grape leaves to sopapilla cheesecake paired with a delectable variety of Texas wines.

Everyone was having a wonderful time, strolling along the sidewalks ducking into one store after another, enjoying the wine and food.

Even the off and on rain showers couldn’t dampen the crowds’ enthusiasm.  It was like a big family reunion, Texas style.


After spending about three hours sampling and tasting, I decided this was a great way for people to meet and get to know their neighbors.  I would like to see this kind of thing in every community around the country…I’m sure some of you are already doing this type of event.  I would like to hear from you and find out how your community shares and gets together.  Post your comments and tell your stories…lets inspire others to do the same!