New Years Thoughts

By Tamra Bolton


A new year always excites me…a fresh start, a chance to make better choices, a whole new year of exciting adventures and discoveries!

I also realize this new year might bring changes I’m not ready for…health challenges, family and relationship shifts, financial stresses and more; but for now, balancing on the cusp of 365 new beginnings, my Pollyanna attitude prevails!

That’s just the way most of life’s adventures begin…with high hopes, a spirit of confidence and a little dash of trepidation.  Every time I leave home, I’m reminded of what dear Bilbo Baggins said to Frodo in ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’, “It’s a dangerous business…going out of your door…you step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”  Like Bilbo, I never know exactly where life will take me, but I realize if I don’t take that first step, I will never know.



All of us have moments when we wonder why we ever stepped out and tried something new, but if we choose the safety of home and what’s familiar, we would never experience any of the positive, wonderful things life offers.

I hope you’ll think about trying new things this year…new wines, reach out to new friends, maybe take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before,  grab ahold of life with all its messiness…all its uncertainty and journey along with me and Best Bottle as we launch into this New Year.  Who knows where we’ll end up?