Settle in to Holiday Mode

by Tamra Bolton


First week of December…time to switch into full holiday mode.  With Thanksgiving celebrations a fading memory, I usually dive into the Christmas season by getting my house decorated, filling my calendar with parties, family and business gatherings and the obligatory shopping.

It’s usually the same every year, at least on the page, but what about expectations?  I used to build a “picture in my mind” of how certain things would play out, and I was almost always disappointed.

This year, I am not going to put myself into the “expectant mode”, I’m just going to take each event as it comes, prepare, but just enjoy whatever happens.  I am going to prepare my house, my wine cabinet; my pantry and my wardrobe, then just relax.



Last night, I attended my first party of the 2015 season.   I had to drive over an hour through a horrible rainstorm and arrived half an hour late, but I didn’t let that bother me.  I didn’t know anyone at the party besides the hostess and two other guests, but I grabbed a glass and plunged into the festivities.  The food was delicious, wine perfect and the company so diverse it made me smile every time I glanced around the room.  There were cowboys with spurs wearing jeans and leather, ladies in elegant fur hats and diamond-draped décolletage at every turn.  I met two New York Times bestselling authors, a charming Sicilian and a suave Italian, both of whom kept pinching my cheek, giving me air kisses and saying things in Italian that sounded nice, but I’m not sure what they said.  When I went to my friend’s party, I had no expectations; I just relaxed and had a marvelous time!

This week, as we look forward to celebrating another holiday season, remember to lower your expectations, don’t over obligate yourself, take time for what’s really important to you…and make it one of the best Christmas seasons ever.