Wine Events on the Rise!

By Tamra Bolton



As more and more wineries appear on the map every year across the country, wine events are becoming an important part of almost every community culture.

Here in Texas, the growing Wine Swirl event in Nacogdoches is a peek into the new “wine awareness” that is taking over, even in mostly rural areas like East Texas.  With the dramatic backdrop of antique brick streets and its historic downtown district, the Nac Wine Swirl is a special event that kicks off an entire year of celebrations and festivals.  In 2016, the city will celebrate 300 years of history, something few places in the U.S. can claim.  The yearlong birthday bash will include BBQ cook-offs, bike rallies, a Boots and Beer Festival, music festivals, a film festival, the annual Blueberry Festival in June and much more.

My daughter and I sipped and tasted our way around the beautiful downtown plaza sampling wines from Naples (TX), Santa Fe (TX) and Pittsburg (TX), to name a few. We also indulged in everything from bacon-wrapped grilled chicken and gumbo to shredded pork burritos and finished off the evening with the most delicious blackberry merlot chocolate cupcakes!  It was a delightful night and I predict the sold out venue will only grow next year.


No matter where you live, you can join in and raise your community’s “wine awareness” by supporting your local vineyards and the families who nurture them…ensuring we’ll all have plenty to celebrate in the future, maybe even reaching that 300 mark one day!