Wine in a Can…That’s right!

by Tamra Bolton

The other day I decided it was time to sort through my mountainous stack of magazines that had accumulated since January.  Almost all food or wine related, I quickly became engrossed in an article about a new wine trend – wine in a can. Somehow, I couldn’t imagine anyone doing such a thing, but there it was in glorious color in a top rated magazine.  Not only were the virtues of the can extolled, but they also included the prevalent “wine in a box” and a new European trend, the Tetra Pak.  Apparently, wine makers are listening to a new group of wine enthusiasts, those who are cost conscious and the outdoor adventure type.

At first, I was appalled at the thought, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made, at least in some instances. The wine in a can could be chilled easily without danger of breakage, just shake out a bag of ice over a cooler full of Pinot Gris and you have a handy pool side refreshment for your guests, without the danger of breaking glass.

My husband has always been a fan of wine in a box. I, on the other hand, looked down on the lowly box until now.  I’ve tried several Spanish wines packaged this way and they are surprisingly good.

The European craze of the Tetra Pak is the one package I was most taken with, lightweight, cheaper shipping cost, easy portability; all gave me reason to start looking for one to try.  I searched all the local stores, but apparently, the craze hasn’t’ caught on here, across the pond…at least not yet.

While I can see a place for each of these packages, useful as they may be, I still love my bottle.


There is something about the way it feels in your hand, the experience of removing the foil and the satisfying ‘plunk’ of the cork when you open your favorite vintage…somehow, I don’t think that will suddenly be replaced.  However, there will always be room for innovation in the world of wine-making.  This new “improved” packaging is just one example; even so, I doubt the wine lovers I know will be ready to completely give up their beloved bottles.

Although…one of those Tetra Paks would come in handy on a camping trip, I might even indulge in a four pack of Pinot for my next pool party and, I guess I should let my husband bring his box too.  Next time I’m at the store, maybe I’ll work up the courage to ask for “wine in a can”, but I hope no one hears me.

It’s almost summertime…enjoy!